Adult Classes (13+)


Neijia is a term in Chinese Martial arts meaning Internal. Internal styles of martial arts differ from other martial arts by placing emphasis on:

    • Internal structural & skeletal alignment
    • Improving blood flow (increasing nitric oxcide) for health benefits
    • Strengthening functional muscles (as opposed to isolated muscle groups)
    • Breathing and meditation to calm and focus the mind

In our adult classes, we will cover the 3 internal martial arts styles:

    • Ba Gua Zhang (Eight Trigram Palms)
    • Taichi (Grand Ultimate Fist)
    • Xing Yi (Form-Mind Boxing)

We will learn different self-defense techniques among these styles while getting a full body workout.

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    Johnny Shieh

    Johnny Shieh

    Martial Arts Instructor

    Martial arts is a way of life that helps me become the best version of myself