Get Fit & Healthy

Get Fit & Healthy

The Circle Walking of Bagua Zhang was developed by ancient monks from their daily chanting practices.  Today, people practice Circle Walking to achieve these benefits:

    • Dramatically increase metabolism for weight loss
    • Improve blood flow (increases nitric oxide) for health benefits
    • Align skeletal structure while in motion
    • Strengthen functional muscles instead of isolated muscle groups
    • Learn to use full body weight to generate power in non-static poses

Photo by Moon Lee, used with permission

For example, a modern day workout such as bicep curls will concentrate bloodflow to the biceps making it bigger and stronger.  However, this development is isolated to only the biceps.  In circle walking, the hand-foot coordination of movements pushes our blood flow to the tips (i.e. fingers and toes) of our body.  The movement forces blood flow to flush our whole body and strengthens our body as One-Whole-Unit.

Through this constant motion of forcing blood flow throughout our body, we develop and cultivate the “internal strength” that is critical to the development of Internal Martial Arts fighting systems.

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