Traditional Kungfu

Traditional Kungfu

Traditional Kungfu, especially in the Internal Martial Arts discipline, is a lifestyle.  We are not about flashy demos or winning competitions.  We focus on fundamentally opening our mindset and strengthening our body so we can be the best version of ourselves.

Developing discipline, breaking boundaries, and achieving new heights is what we aim to achieve.

People in a gym in martial arts training


There are many aspects to becoming a strong martial artist, these include:

    • Strength & Body Condition
    • Flexibility
    • Distance & Timing
    • Reaction
    • Speed

Most people have unique strengths and weaknesses.  Some people are naturally born stronger, some people are naturaly born faster, and some people are naturally born with more flexibility.

The Cycle of the Martial Way is as follows – As individuals start their practice in martial arts, they will generally realize farily quickly what their natural strengths are.  Being encouraged by their “natural raw talent,” they will spend even more time developing those strengths.  As they make progress over time, they understand the value of hard work and consistency.

In the second stage, these individuals realize they can apply the same principles to their “naturally born weaknesses” and improve upon those areas as well.  Overcoming weaknesses is much, much harder than defaulting to our natural streengths.  Successfully accomplishing this second stage, individuals will greatly improved their confidence, knowing they can overcome anything they set their mind to.

The final and last stage is, applying this to all other aspects of life.

Let this be career, health, relationships, or learning how to play an instrument – the universal principles of success will always be the same:

    • Work hard
    • Work consistently
    • Learn continuously

We hope you can be part of our martial arts family!

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